The Top 3 Countries for Men to Visit in 2018!

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Top 3 countries for men to visit in 2018

You may ask yourself: "Which country (or countries) should I go to for my Vacation(s) this year?" Well......We got you covered! We have made a top 3 list of our favorite places that we suggest you visit this year fellas!!!

#1 Brazil: why?? Rio is a non stop party where Brazilians live in the moment and you’ll damn near break your neck every 5 minutes looking at women. The US dollar is worth 3 Brazilian dollars and parties in the favelas are becoming more popular amongst tourists.
(All Favelas are not like the movie city of God)
Salvador Bahia and São Paulo are also cities worth visiting.


#2 Thailand: why? Most visited tourist spot of 2017, lots of things to do, it’s cheap! Thailand has atleast 6 cities worth visiting. (Bangkok, Chang Mai, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Phi Phi , and Koh Samui to name a few. The Full moon party on Koh Phangan is lit!!!!!

And if you want to do something, Thais will make it happen. They are super friendly and are always willing to help. You can go to Thailand with minimal planning as well.

#3 Colombia: why??? close proximity to the United States, the women are a good balance of beauty and body. It’s a hot spot for expatriates of the United States and all the Pablo Escobar crime is long gone. I think it’s safer than the states. Colombia has a slept on Afro-Colombian city by the name of Cali full of black Latinos and Latinas. Colombia’s marijuana fields grow some of the best buds in South America. Growers from Amsterdam come there looking for new strains to cultivate.

Travel is cheaper than ever! And with a strong US dollar, these three countries are all doable in a do I know? Cause I’ll do all three plus a few others! ✈️✈️✈️✈️😎✊🏾
Ig: @TheTravelingVetGuy & @TheRunwayBoyz

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  • Excellent Suggestions. I have to make sure I hit those spots as well.

    Roklan on

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