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As the era of the selfie stick comes to an end, many tourist spots still are putting an end to them earlier than users would like. In fact, they are illegal in many Instagram/Facebook worthy locations. Cities like Milan are concerned about safety and security while others call the device annoying and a nuisance. 


Selfie Sticks in Milan are banned.
Here is a brief list of places you are visiting that may require you to leave the selfie stick at home:
Amusement Parks
Disney Parks around the world are saying no to your selfie sticks. After a ban went into effect in 2015 the rule remains in place at Disneyland in California, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, DisneyWorld parks, Disney Quest, Disney Sea, and all Disney water parks. 
Six Flags parks also have banned the photo accessory at all parks. 
In Japan, Universal Studios may ask you to put away the selfie stick if it's "causing an inconvenience or hazard to other guests."
Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando have not banned selfie sticks but it's common for amusement parks to ban them during rides.


 When in Rome......

Who doesn't want a selfie in the Roman Coliseum? Unfortunately several years ago the historic site banned the sticks. The Vatican & Sistine Chapel have banned them as well.


UK says It's not OK with the Selfie Stick.

In London, many of the museums, landmarks, and galleries including Westminster Abbey and the London Tower Will make you check in your selfie stick before entering. Other Noticeable tourist attractions in London banning selfie sticks are Buckingham Palace, the Roundhouse, St. Paul's Cathedral, and Royal Opera House.

USA Selfie CrackDown:
It doesn't surprise many to know that places in New York are cracking down on the selfie. Many museums ban sticks, including: the Met, the MOMA, Brooklyn Museum, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Guggenheim Museum, the Frick, the Whitney, and American Museum of Natural History. You also cannot use the selfie stick in Yankee stadium to get that perfect shot of the infield. Other notables around the country are Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian museums, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Getty Center in LA.
How to do a Selfie in 2018!!!
Selfie sticks are so 2015 anyways. Thankfully for solo travelers and selfie lovers the world over, there's a discreet alternative that doesn't simultaneously scream "tourist." Selfie remote shutters use Bluetooth to sync with smartphones so photo takers can get shots without holding their phones at all. With BlueTooth shutter control, users can set their phones on something, step back as much as 30 feet and press the little shutter button to take a picture.
It's the end of the awkward photos with arms in the forefront and locals looking at you like a weirdo. 
Wireless Shutter Remote $4.99 for IOS and Android phones
Although it may be an end to an era of photos filled with magnificent place and a stick in the middle of the frame, The selfie itself is not dead. Just that awkwardness of setting up your shot while other people record you looking awkward setting up your shot. LOL

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