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The 23 Unwritten Rules of Flying from a Flight Attendant

  We have got the inside scoop on the Unwritten Rules of Flying from international flight attendants that have seen it all. From our experience flying, the best way to have a great flight its to keep the flight attendants happy. Here are some tips to that you should know before flying on your next trip!  Things to know before you fly on an airplane: 1) Bring your own headphones. No, the new iPhone ones will not work. 2) Go to the bathroom before you board. Yes, you are in the way when you decide to shit during boarding. 3) The first “ding” you hear after takeoff is NOT the pilot letting you know you may get out of your seat....

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How to get a U.S. passport

Don’t know where to start to get a passport?? Don’t know what documents you need to apply for a passport. How about the price? All those answers and more will be answers in this travel blog brought to you by Kurt....The Traveling Vet Guy

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